Emma Stibbon ‘Drawing the Polar Regions’

Emma Stibbon ‘Aiguilles’, chalk on blackboard

In 2013 Rabley artist Emma Stibbon will embark on her biggest and most ambitious project yet!  “Drawing the Polar Regions” will take her on two drawing expeditions to the earth’s extremes; the High Arctic and to revisit the Antarctic Peninsular.   Rabley will follow Emma’s journey and experiences in an exclusive blog, so if you would like to come along too, please sign up and we will keep you posted of her progress. Regular newsbites will appear on the www.rableydrawingcentre.com homepage too – so keep checking in!

It’s bon Voyage on the 9th February 2013 when Emma sets off on her journey to join HMS PROTECTOR on the Artists in Antarctica Programme organized by the Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI), University of Cambridge and sponsored by Bonhams with the support of the Royal Navy.

“I have long been fascinated by Antarctica; it is a remarkable landscape unlike anywhere else on the planet. As an artist working from remote landscape it is extremely difficult to gain five weeks access to such a place and I am excited to have this opportunity. During my placement I plan to gather inspiration through drawing from observation, and photography. Recording has always been an important part of Polar Science; most pre-photography expeditions would have included an artist. I am interested in what role the artist can play on a contemporary voyage. One of my aims of the Polar project is to investigate how drawing can develop our understanding and communicate new insights into the Polar Regions as a contingent and unstable concept. Recent assessments confirming the instability of Polar ice sheets in the Arctic and Antarctica demonstrate that the vulnerability of the Polar Regions is one of the most pressing issues of our time1. I aim to suggest a sense of the strength, resilience and yet ultimate fragility of this last wilderness”

In June 2013 Emma will be pulled by the magnetic forces of the opposite pole on an Expedition to the Svalbard Territories in the High Arctic.

The Ice Maiden’s Return…

By late summer Emma will be back home in her Bristol studio working with her sketchbooks and images from the expeditions and preparing for her solo show at Rabley ‘Terra Infirma’ in November – a response to her residency in Iceland in 2012. Work will continue in the studio until Spring 2015 when we will launch a publication with limited edition print to accompany her solo resolve to the ‘Drawing in the Polar Regions’ project.

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