February 1st – Leaving Kerala

Today I left Kerala to make my way to Delhi and prepare for the group who are joining me for the ‘Drawn to India’ sketchbook tour of Rajasthan. (Really excited about meeting you guys….. So soon now!) The plane has been delayed and this has given me time to play with making some composite drawings on my iPad using images from my sketchbooks, photographs taken of the place and  then drawing into the surface. I struggle with the quality of the camera on the iPad, and I am not sure that the images work, or that it matters! I hope they give a sense of place and the relationship between the drawing and the photograph.

The wash work in my sketchbook is done using a water soluble pencil blended with my Aquash pen. A couple of tools I find very useful on the move. The cut drawings use prepared paper surfaces. Some of the papers I was really pleased to find in Munnar.- handmade papers that are coloured with the selected rag colours from old sari’s and added elephant pooh!!!!!!

Composite drawing Feb 1

Composite drawing Feb 1

Composite Drawing 2 - Feb 1

Composite Drawing 2 – Feb 1

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