‘Rat in a Sari’ and Other Drawings

A collection from the ‘Drawn to India’ group sketchbooks and more!
We are in beautiful Nawalgarh in the Shekawati region of Rajasthan. A desert town full of mural painted havelli, some now abandoned and crumbling.
The town has a quieter pace and we have had time to reflect and catch our breath, share ideas and sketchbooks.

We all enjoyed a lovely sketchbook review in the courtyard last night. Everyone’s work is so inspiring and individual…

2 thoughts on “‘Rat in a Sari’ and Other Drawings

  1. So lovely to keep in touch and see what wonderful sketch books you are all doing and loved the ride and the music and the colours are amazing lots of love sarah


  2. Greetings from snowy Bristol, Meryl and lucky Rajasthani crew. I enjoyed your evocative drawings and for a moment was transported! Thanks! The blog is a great idea, and the short videos wonderful. Hope to catch up with you in Rabley later this year, Janet


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