Sara Lee Japanese Woodcut Course at Rabley

Japanese Woodblock

Traditional water-based printing without a press.

Artist and Master printmaker Sara Lee ran a very informative and enjoyable Japanese woodcut course at Rabley in March. She introduced the history and technique of the Japanese method of woodcut printmaking. Exploring the unique and subtle qualities of the ukiyo-e tradition of preparing and printing blocks and working towards multi-block and colour prints.

IMG_2306 SUKI CUTTING IMG_2298 IMG_2291 IMG_2292


For some students it was the first time they had worked with this printmaking method. Getting organised at the start is really important!

Others were returning to the course and able to tackle more complicated patterns and shapes, with some expert cutting!

Sara demonstrating the inking and printing of the Bokashi method of bleeding the colour –  Inking the plate with Nori (rice paste and gouache), blending in the colour on the block and printing

Rosemary worked on a beautiful multi block plate and encouraged by Sara extended her skills to produce a subtle image using some more advanced techniques.

Sara will be back in April to continue her work in the studio as our Rabley Artist in Residence 2013 and available for follow up tutorials.

She will be giving a talk on 18 April about the Stoneman archive surrently on show in the gallery – contact us for details 01672 511999—stoneman

Find out more about art courses at Rabley Drawing Centre

4 thoughts on “Sara Lee Japanese Woodcut Course at Rabley

  1. I would give a 5 rating to Sara’s woodblock course. I was a raw(!) beginner and very fortunate to be part of a small group to begin learning the process. However, I suspect that the advice, support and expertise that Sara offered would be the case irrespective of group size.New processes were introduced in bite sized pieces, with ample opportunity to practise and incorporate them into work in progress. Two course members had attended the course on another occasion and we beginners noted that Sara encouraged them to extend their practice, giving us all the opportunity to look ahead at what may be possible! I have spoken to others very enthusiastically about this course and I would certainly welcome the opportunity to be part of one again. Thank you!


  2. Japanese woodblock printmaking is a fascinating process which particularly lends itself to the use of colour and creates efects that are quite different from those of other printmaking techniques. I really liked the fact that you use waterbased paints [gouache or watercolour], easy to mix and no toxic ingedients. I have now done two woodblock courses with Sara, she is an inspiring and generous teacher who calmly guided us through the processes involved. I’m sure I will continue to make and develop these prints thanks to this excellent and exciting course.


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