‘DRAWN’ At the RWA Bristol  Exhibition 23 March – 2nd Junedrawn at the RWA

The RWA is currently showing an interesting exhibition of Contemporary Drawing. Well worth a look.  visit RWA website…

I will be part of a discussion panel at the RWA on the 18 May – it would be lovely to see some friendly faces!

Why Draw?
Saturday 18 May, 2pm, £3 / Free to Academicians & Artist Network
As part of Drawn 2013 the RWA are hosting a panel discussion examining the role and relevance of drawing, providing a space for critical debate and creative conversation. The panel will explore the question of ‘why we draw’ and ‘how we draw’, considering its relationship to other mediums and art forms. Is it a building block or an autonomous act? Drawing allows us to analyse, record, map, mark and form, making the abstract legible, and the legible oblique but does it need such a purpose? What is the role of drawing in art education today? How can it encourage collaboration? These are just some of the issues the panel will be discussing in addition to audience questions and participation. The panel will be chaired by RWA President Janette Kerr who has recently experimented with the use of graphology and data to influence mark making in her work, Artist and Director of Rabley Drawing Centre Meryl Ainslie, Rabley, fine artist Anouk Mercier, tutor and co-founder of Bristol Drawing Club, artist in residence Debbie Locke and invited artists Simon Read and Reece Jones.

One thought on “‘DRAWN’ at RWA

  1. I’m trying to book a place for the talk – will definitely be there! Unf can’t make Sandy’s events as am off to HK 8th-25th xx


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