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Master Prints Exhibition TALK

Thursday 18 April 2013 – Talk with Sara Lee 6.30pm

Artist and Master Printer, Sara Lee, will introduce the Stoneman Studio Archive prints and discuss her time working with Hugh Stoneman, and the creative process of working in collaboration with artists.

Tickets £5 please book info@rableydrawingcentre.com  Tel 01672 511999

In ‘Master Prints’ the gallery at Rabley Drawing Centre gives you a privileged insight into the work of Master Printer Hugh Stoneman and the fine art of creative collaboration, with an exhibition of prints from the Stoneman Studio Archive including Sandra Blow RA , Eileen Cooper RA, John Hoyland RA, Breon O’Casey, Sir Terry Frost RA, Ian McKeever RA

Stoneman always sought to provide the creative space to encourage artists to explore and engage with the medium of print. From his initial workshops in London in the 1970s, to the studio where he spent his final weeks printing in Madron, Cornwall, his sole aim was in ‘facilitating an artist’s vision to fruition, whatever the technical challenge’

Each artist received his total commitment and the space to explore their imagery, supported by an extensive knowledge of the boundless possibilities of print. This dedicated environment for creative collaboration enabled total immersion in the work and allowed for developments in contemporary imagery through the use of traditional techniques.

These images are the result of years of work and a mix of intuition, dedication, technical mastery and passion. For Hugh Stoneman like all true Master Printers, ‘a successful print was not about technique but imagery’.

More information about the exhibition and the artists


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