Martyn Grimmer’s Polymer Photogravure course at Rabley

An Introduction to Polymer Photogravure – Non-toxic intaglio printmaking.

Artist and Master printer Martyn Grimmer ran a very inspiring and informative course on the complex but versatile process of polymer photogravure. Martyn has been using this process for around 15 years for both the making of his own images and editionning for other artists. Students were able to see a selection of such work and see how different artists approach and respond to the medium.

Martyn's test prints

Everyone on the course was working from photographic images and Martyn was on hand to guide them through the technicalities of preparing their positives using Photoshop and processing their plates, through to the subtleties and sensitivity of plate inking and wiping.

For most it was their first opportunity to get their hands inky, make an intaglio print and then witness their digital photographs take on a unique, hand printed quality. Helen has been using this technique during our weekly print sessions and under Martyn’s guidance was able to progress to creating a beautiful Duotone Polymer image.

Martyn Grimmer editing The Martyn Grimmer touch Martyn and Christina looking at print Helen polishes her plate Christina's print hot off the press Chris and Charlotte in the print room

Charlotte's plate and posi

Alison hard at work











We all found Martyn’s knowledge on the intricacies and variables of the process invaluable, and it has given everyone a taste for the boundless, yet accessible, possibilities of print.

Martyn Grimmer-Narnia



See some of Martyn’s prints…

There are also various traditional photogravure prints currently on display at the gallery as part of the Master Prints exhibition featuring works from the Hugh Stoneman Studio Archive.

Exhibition TALK

Artist in residence at Rabley for 2013 and Master Printer, Sara Lee, will introduce the Stoneman Studio Archive prints and discuss her time working with Hugh Stoneman, and the creative process of working in collaboration with artists.

DATE     Thursday 18 April 2013 @ 6.30pm Tickets £5

Contact us for details – 01672 511999—stoneman

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