Emma Stibbon ‘Progressing South’


In progressing South we pass through the Lemaire Channel, perhaps one of the most scenic places on the planet. HMS Protector Blog 4

11. mts wc

Emma Stibbon ‘Mountains South’ Ink on paper

On the 21st Feb we reach Matha Strait, an area of coastline that HMS Protector has been tasked to chart. A small group of us make landfall to camp overnight on Detaille Island as the survey team need to install a tide guage. It is an amazing experience to sleep out on the ice, although as temperatures reached -15 it is the coldest experience of my life.

12. Detaille Base WEmma Stibbon ‘Detaille Island’ ink on paper

I learn that it is important to establish the periodic rise and fall in tide in order to apply this difference to the sonar measurements of the seabed. Tides varies across the globe; a few millimetres in the West Indies compared to 15 metres back at home in the Bristol Channel. By measuring the tidal difference over a 25 hour period off Detaille Island, the hydrographer can apply this to their calculations to get the true tidal range in the Peninsula area.

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