Tom Hammick’s Reduction Woodcut Course at Rabley

Tom Hammick’s – Colour & The Rural Landscape

Drawing, drypoint and woodcut printmaking


After the success of his exhibition ‘Night For Day’ at Rabley in November 2012, artist Tom Hammick returned to the rural Wiltshire countryside to run a colourful and inspiring three-day course.  The lucky eight students were given a special insight into Tom’s way of working, along with his inspirations and contextual references. Everyone was encouraged to develop their own ideas and imagery through the exploration of colour and reduction woodcut in a very intuitive and free approach. Every morning began with a talk and slide show of key reference points. Tom selected images and artists to suit the individual students work, which was extremely useful in the development of the final prints

Immersed in a sea of colour, the print room was a hive of activity and with the help of Tom’s assistant, the experienced printmaker Rob White, everybody really got into the swing of things. This course has definitely broken the mould and the painterly way of working with printmaking has liberated the approach of many of the students, and the future looks colourful!

See some of Tom’s monumental reduction woodcut prints available from Rabley Contemporary Gallery…

Contact Meryl or Amy-Jane if you would like information about future courses: / 01672 511999

1 thought on “Tom Hammick’s Reduction Woodcut Course at Rabley

  1. I have finally got around to sending some feedback on the Reduction Woodcut Printing course. Big thanks to Tom for inspirational and enthusiastic teaching, Rob and Amy for working hard in the print room and Meryl for being an excellent hostess/organiser.
    It was a really inspiring course; firstly I was blown away by Tom Hammick’s vivid and beautiful prints. He encouraged us to try different printing methods and play with colour, to be brave. There were quiet serious times looking at interesting slide shows Tom had prepared (lovely images of paintings/prints keep popping into my head) Social times, with coffee and eating together around the ‘big barn door table’ and creative times learning to use woodcut tools and different ways of using coloured inks.
    Came home exhausted but with a very satisfactory ‘To Do’ list:
    • Research artists
    • Order coloured inks and large roller for Rainbow Rolls!
    • Buy plywood and woodcut tools
    • Go out drawing in white peak district (where I live)
    • Remember all I learnt on the course, the people and the interesting diverse creative results everyone produced.
    And thanks for the recent information send about forthcoming exhibitions, I hope to visit again!


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