Emma Stibbon Loss, Landscape and Goodbye..


Loss, Landscape and Goodbye HMS Protector final blog..

As we depart from the Peninsula and the last small growler if ice disappears on the horizon I am struck by a sense of loss, I realise I am unlikely to have the opportunity to return to this remarkable landscape. The Peninsula coastline is astoundingly beautiful and perplexing. In visiting such a remote place I become acutely aware that this is a climate that can’t sustain human life. One has the sense of being overwhelmed by nature, an awareness that we are just a species like any other. Apparently the last pristine wilderness this is an environment that profoundly influences the planet’s oceans and climate.

22. Ship sunsetThanks

My thanks to Scott Polar Research Institute for selecting me for the Antarctica Artist Placement 2013, and Bonhams for their sponsorhip. A big thank you to HMS Protector and the ship’s company for making me so welcome me onboard.

These blogs have not been posted in real time due to the remote location.

Emma Stibbon will be exhibiting at Rabley Contemporary in November 2013 – so keep posted!

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