Rabley Sculpture Summer 2013


HVB06 RSVI (c)

June- September 2013

Throughout the summer we have two beautiful sculpture installations in the Rabley landscape – Glass Sculpture by Richard Jackson & Sally Fawkes. Metal sculpture by Hans Van Bemmelen. 




Richard Jacksons’ glass sculpture combines casting, kiln-forming, polishing and carving. Highly polished surfaces of crystal clear optical glass draw focus to the surroundings, magnifying the meadows and bringing close the moving clouds. These areas contrast with the carved areas working into the form, creating an inner world of reflections and multiple glances.

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Fawkes’s work is concerned with our perception and experience of spaces and places; space is the place where all is potential and all is actualised. Fawkes’s glass sculptures explore the intersection of the ethereal and the physical, expressing the possibilities of experience as the boundaries of the visible and invisible blur.

SF11_Silent Motion_ Sally Fawkes_V1Sally Fawkes’ intriguing artworks, articulate the visible and invisible possibilities of place. The forms Fawkes realises come from landscapes in combination with sensory experiences – sailing through narrow passes of Norwegian fjords or a walk over heather between snowy verges. Luminous volumes of transparent cast glass with mirrored and engraved surfaces clasping the exterior of the polished glass are alive with layers of shifting imagery that blur the boundaries between the ethereal and the physical. Each piece captures the imagination in a journey of intense visual exploration.

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Sally Fawkes and Richard Jackson are both artists with established solo careers sculpting in glass. In 2008 Fawkes and Jackson had an exhibition at M.A.V.A., Madrid that showed the first 10 years of both of their solo practises and the beginnings of their collaboration. Since that time this collaboration has grown, becoming a more and more important part of each artists practise.They collaborate in the truest sense of the word, with both of them having input at all stages of the making of a piece.

Fawkes and Jackson have established a large studio dedicated to creating works in glass. Their facilities enable them to work on varying scales and different types of projects, from self directed exhibition work to commissions for private, corporate and public spaces from the intimate to the large scale.

Fawkes and Jackson exhibit internationally and have work in public collections in both their solo and collaborative capacities. Notable collections that have collaborative pieces in include The Victoria and Albert Museum, National Museums of Scotland, M.A.V.A., Madrid. Most recently they won an award for a large scale collaborative work from The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers, London (2012).

Jackson Fawkes – Collaborative exterior sculpture by Richard Jackson & Sally Fawkes (above)



Hans van Bemmelen has a background in technical communications and has moved into sculpture in recent years, mostly making abstract pieces in steel. Hans makes both unique and editioned sculptures and is interested in working on site-specific pieces.

Hans’s work often includes elements informed by architecture and engineering. The pieces in the Rabley Series are intended to contrast with the landscape, while also drawing attention to elements in it. In that sense they serve as framing devices or oculi.  The colours refer to agricultural machinery. Although the pieces define 3D space, they do not enclose it, being composed of essentially 2D elements. In that sense, they could be described as 2.5D forms, like much of Hans’s work.

This is the first exhibition of Hans’ sculpture.

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