iPad to Intaglio Part Two course review


iPad drawing for multi-plate intaglio printing  – Part Two


IMG_3337iPad to intaglio combines the best of both worlds: The amazing creative power modern technology and the qualities and ink and surface realised with intaglio printmaking.

In part two we have continued to develop images in the iPad using different layers and opacities to make more complex multi plate intaglio prints. I hope you find these photo’s helpful to remind you of the print stages. Do add comments and we look forward to seeing how your iPad drawings develop!

Meryl and Amy-Jane



1 thought on “iPad to Intaglio Part Two course review

  1. I highly recommend this workshop – very well structured, comprehensive course notes and you produce a finished image and 3 plates at the end of Stage 1 (6 plates by the end of Stage 2). If your experience of ipad drawing apps is limited (like mine) then try and do Stage 2 immediately afterwards, while Stage 1 is fresh in your mind, as it reinforces what you’ve already covered as well as introducing new technical processes. The tutors are excellent and because the numbers a are limited you really do get individual attention. And the lunches are yummy too!


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