Japanese Woodcut course with Sara Lee


Japanese Woodcut

Traditional water-based printing without a press.

Catherine's blocks and prints

Artist and master printer Sara Lee ran another 3-day course at Rabley Drawing Centre on the specialist and beautiful ukiyo-e Japanese Woodcut method. Sara’s exhibition ‘Ley Of the Land’ marks the end of her year long residency at Rabley throughout 2013 and is on display in the gallery until 12th April.

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Sara often uses the medium of Japanese woodcut in her practice which lends itself perfectly to expressing the subtle tones of landscape and place, and she was able to impart her vast knowledge to all of the course students. Sara covered the history and technique of this method and guided everyone through the fundamental stages of cutting, tool sharpening, paper preparation, inking, registration and printing.

By the end of the course everyone was producing multi-block prints and even got a glimpse of more advanced techniques like Bokashi, which is used to create subtle gradated tones and along with sumi drawing transfers. See slideshow and photos below…

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Thanks to you all, we hope to see you at Rabley again soon!

To see some of Sara Lee’s prints check out her gallery page on our website…


Sara Lee 'Refuge' 2013, Woodcut (in the ukiyo-e tradition), 30 x 45 cms

Sara Lee ‘Refuge’ 2013, Woodcut (in the ukiyo-e tradition), 30 x 45 cms










1 thought on “Japanese Woodcut course with Sara Lee

  1. I loved this course! Sara was a fantastically patient yet inspiring teacher. It was great to be able to see her work in the Gallery at the same time, and, as well as learning Japanese woodcut and printing, I found out so much about other artists whose practice is inspired by Japanese woodcut. Including the amazing Nana Shiomi who’ll have an exhibition at Rabley later this year. Really great hospitality from Meryl and AJ – the perfect treat retreat.


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