Sandy Sykes ‘Drawn to Ideas’ course review

Drawn to ideas…to the edges…to the insides…


Sandy Sykes ran an inspiring three-day course at Rabley crammed full of ideas, processes and reflections from a life time of making prints, drawing and painting.

Throughout this course Sandy helped people to loosen up and free themselves from any creative inhibitions through the exploration of fresh ideas, and by navigating them in directions they had maybe never ventured before.


On Day 1 Sandy took the students on a journey in, through, and around their sketchbooks. By the end of the day most people had two sketchbooks bursting at the seams!

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Using their sketchbooks for reference everyone could extend their drawing language into print on Days 2 & 3. Sandy introduced various off press monotype methods and touched on wood and lino cutting techniques. By using found objects and merely a wooden spoon to print with, these methods that Sandy uses in her own practice, are not only very accessible but they offer very exciting translations and possibilities.

As both a very experienced teacher and prolific artist Sandy’s words of wisdom and tutoring were invaluable to everyone. To all that were lucky enough to have this experience we hope this course has invigorated your practice and taken your working processes into new, stimulating areas of development. The outcomes of the three days were strong, graphic and individual compositional consequences of all your explorations.

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See some of Sandy’s prints and drawings available from Rabley Contemporary Gallery…

Contact Meryl or Amy-Jane if you would like information about future courses: / 01672 511999




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