Rabley Library New Book – William Blake, Apprentice and Master

Rabley Art Library is open in the gallery fro independent artist research during exhibition open times.

Rabley Library New Book – William Blake, Apprentice and Master  – written by guest curator of the Ashmolean exhibition of the same name by Dr. Micheal Phillips. It made me see Blake in a new light –  inspiring, radical, experimental and brilliant! There are some special demonstrations this month.

William Blake



Special Printing Demonstrations

On a 19th century printing press
With Professor Michael Phillips, exhibition curator
10am–12pm and 2pm–4pm on the following dates:

January: Friday 16 (10am–1pm only), Saturday 17, Sunday 18, Tuesday 20, Wednesday 21, Thursday 22 and Friday 23
February: Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4, Thursday 5, Friday 6, Saturday 7 (10am–12pm only), Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18, Thursday 19, Friday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22

Join Professor Michael Phillips, guest curator of the exhibition, as he prints on a 19th-century printing press, demonstrating the different stages of the print process. Originally trained as a printmaker, Professor Phillips has a unique insight into William Blake’s printing techniques and has been researching and recreating Blake’s method of relief etched copper plates. Free with the price of exhibition admission and no additional booking is necessary.



William Blake: Apprentice and Master

This major exhibition focuses on the extraordinary life and work of William Blake (1757–1827), printmaker, painter and revolutionary poet of the prophetic books. It examines his formation as an artist, including his apprenticeship as an engraver, and his maturity during the 1790s when he was at the height of his powers as both an artist and revolutionary poet. The exhibition also explores his influence on the young artist-printmakers who gathered around him in the last years of his life, including Samuel Palmer, George Richmond and Edward Calvert.



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