The Experimental Drawing Summer School was an intensive 4-day course encouraging the exploration of drawing through new ‘ways of seeing’.

Over a week of experimenting both out and about and back at the studio, the group produced exciting multi-sensory drawings of varying scales that challenged the perceptions of object, place and space.



DAY 1Multi-sensory sketchbook workshops with preparation of colour, surfaces and collage.

From drawing through touch alone, to making their own quill and playing with Haiku the sketchbook pages filled up fast. It is amazing what can be achieved with a limited pencil case kit!

DAY 2Visit to Pitt Rivers, Oxford. Sketchbooking on site!

On a scorching day in Oxford the group took refuge with their sketchbooks and scissors in the air-conditioned Pitt Rivers Museum amongst a fascinating collection of curios from around the world.

DAY 3Panoramic/ micro landscape sketchbook workshops

The group braced the elements and worked out in the landscape to make a 360 degree panoramic landscape sketchbook taking in the far reaching views of from one of Wiltshire’s most beautiful vistas.

Meryl was joined by artist Nik Pollard RCA who brought his specialist natural history knowledge to an ‘up close’ micro landscape sketchbook session on Cherhill Downs.

DAY 4Getting ideas out of the sketchbook and scaling up

By the final day the ideas had gathered momentum and the work grew in scale.  The group produced a huge amount or work over the course and their drawing grew in confidence and command.

We hope this Summer School was inspiring and gave everyone a new set of tools and techniques to refresh their approach to their practice and will aid them in the development and exploration of their ideas in the future.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Contact Meryl or Amy-Jane if you would like information about future courses:

events@rableydrawingcentre.com / 01672 511999


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