Following on from our Experimental Drawing Summer School week we launched into experimenting in print. All the methods we covered require minimal equipment but have maximum potential!




DAY 1‘Venetian’ Offset printing

On a recent trip to Venice Meryl learnt an offset print process whereby you can transfer images from sketchbook to print in a couple of steps. After an introductory sketchbook workshop and pages full of imagery, with the use of a photocopier, gum arabic, shellac, ink and a good water sprayer (and finger to squirt with!) prints emerged.  A different unpredictable sort of litho really! The prints produced have an immediate, intriguing quality and they continued to be used and developed within different print processes throughout the 4 days.

DAY 2 – Cyanotype with Martyn Grimmer

Cyanotype is a historic alternative photographic technique using a contact process to make beautiful blue toned prints.

Master printer Martyn Grimmer came to Rabley with his magic suitcase of chemicals and portfolio of prints to lead this one-day session. The group were shown how to mix the chemicals, coat the paper and expose objects as photograms, or digital negatives made in the studio, to make rich Prussian blue prints. The sun did make an appearance and exposure was done mostly outside but we were able to use our UV unit too. Martyn also demonstrated the toning of prints with tea and coffee, along with the manipulation of prints with soda crystals and bleach.

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DAY 3 Cast printing

On the third day monotype and drypoint plates went from 2D to 3D with Meryl’s casting workshop. By the end of the day everyone had created their own sculptural boxes with fine detail and beautiful surface.

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DAY 4 – Print magic!

On the last day everyone was able to continue working with any process covered over the previous 3 days that suited or explore a combination. Looking at the work produced over the 4 days there was a great variety and scope for further development.  Every process requires time to experiment, explore and invent. We had a great time learning with you and look forward to seeing how you go on to make these processes your own.


Contact Meryl or Amy-Jane if you would like information about future courses:

events@rableydrawingcentre.com / 01672 511999


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