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RABLEY GALLERY is exhibiting a collectible selection of newly published editions and original works on paper by foremost British artists including: Eileen Cooper RA, Rebecca Salter RA, Emma Stibbon RA, Jane Harris, Katherine Jones and Nana Shiomi and emerging talent: Prudence Ainslie, Amy-Jane Blackhall, Neil Bousfield, Sally Taylor and Sadie Tierney.

An electric magic radiates from SADIE TIERNEY’s newly published woodcuts ‘Of Night and Light and the Half-light’. Through a unique use of energetic bold line, bright colour and immersive scale, Tierney transfers her experiences and emotions onto the viewer. Inspired by passing ships and fairground lights that punctuate the twilight, these new works capture the excitement of riding the Big Dipper in Santa Cruz, to voyaging across the Atlantic. Tierney sees the Cruise Ships depart from her south coast studio.
This stunning body of work is unforgettable both in its vibrancy of mark making; enrichment of subject matter and technical marvel of monumental scale.

New original prints by Emma Stibbon RA echo the vast, desolate lands encountered during her recent residency in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. Developed from direct sketches and photographic records, Stibbon brings to paper the dry, stark intensity experienced at the cusp of some of the world’s biggest and most active Volcanoes. Internationally recognized for depicting fluxing climates of isolated regions, Broken Terrain and Tree Ka’u Dessert convey the tension within a limbo terrestrial, balancing stillness and beauty with eruption and destruction.

Near 100 years before the abstract art movement of America and Europe, Hokusai abstracted Waterfalls into linear forms. They are powerful graphic calibrations of great force; each waterfall captures a different mercurial spirit. It is these ‘Shapes of Gods’ that are the subject of Shiomi’s cycle of four woodcuts.
Shiomi distils Hokusai’s Waterfalls into stand alone icons, emphasising their symbolic importance to art history and the eternal relevance of their beauty and symbolism.

RABLEY GALLERY UK is a recently elected member of the IFPDA. It has become a destination during Miami Art Week for numerous public and commercial foundations, alongside private collectors seeking to build their prestigious, international print and works on paper collections or unearthing new and exciting talent from across the pond!

STAND 161, Suites of the Dorchester Collins Ave and 19th Street Miami Beach, FL 33139

Please email info@rableygallery.com for further information.

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