SARAH AINSLIE Photographic Studio Event 19 May

7 Suresh Kumar Joshi - Suresh Photo low res Studio, Jaisalmer

Following the  private view on 19 May of our forthcoming exhibition SARAH AINSLIE, ‘Indian Photographers Captured’. You are invited to come and participate in creating a photographic studio within the gallery’s natural surroundings using props and backdrops. 2-5pm. Free. Please email us if you plan to attend

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Safe Journeys

Wishing you all a safe onward journey.

Feel free to send any photos or information to Kim: for this blog.

Alternatively please see and if you have a facebook account you can share info, comments, photos, post on the timeline, or just keep in touch with fellow participants here.

Thank you for being such a great group. I am so looking forward to seeing what you all make of our amazing creative adventure!

Meryl x

Desert Songs and Music

One of the most amazing experiences of our desert adventure was listening to the singing voices and gourd flute playing of the snake charming Jodi tribe that joined our desert camp to sing for us. It was a once in a lifetime evening thanks to our fantastic Jaisalmeri tour organiser Kamlesh who has an in-depth knowledge of the local people and their culture.

Extraordinary voices of the Jodi desert tribe from Meryl Ainslie on Vimeo.

Drawn to India Desert Caravan Feb 16

Camel caravan leaves the desert at sunset from Meryl Ainslie on Vimeo.

Sumar playing double flutes in Jaisalmer desert from Meryl Ainslie on Vimeo.

Jaisalmer – Sketchbooks and Life Drawing

Lal Baharu. Shastri Primary School – Jaisalmer Feb 15

Today Kamlesh and I visited the Lal baharu. Sahstri, primary School in Jaisalmer where the children of the puppet makers are attending school. It was great to see them doing so well. Here some of the boys are standing outside with the headmaster. I was so impressed with the standard and concentration if the children. Even the small children in the nursery were writing in Hindi and English on their school slates.

Jaisalmer Primary School from Meryl Ainslie on Vimeo.

Jai Singh and Sally’s Pot

Drawn to India – Nawalgarh Feb 12th

Sunshine, peacocks and life-drawing in Roop Niwas garden. Jai Singh kindly sat for us. Sally made a pot with the local potter.

‘Rat in a Sari’ and Other Drawings

A collection from the ‘Drawn to India’ group sketchbooks and more!
We are in beautiful Nawalgarh in the Shekawati region of Rajasthan. A desert town full of mural painted havelli, some now abandoned and crumbling.
The town has a quieter pace and we have had time to reflect and catch our breath, share ideas and sketchbooks.

We all enjoyed a lovely sketchbook review in the courtyard last night. Everyone’s work is so inspiring and individual…