Amy-Jane Blackhall – Everyone is a Moon

AJB exh card 150dpi

Everyone Is A Moon is an exhibition of new work by artist and printmaker Amy-Jane Blackhall that takes the form of an immersive sculptural installation.

Blackhall’s work emerges from her fascination with the concept of interconnectedness, through the physical and spiritual act of making, particularly the repetitive nature of print.

Underlying structures are central to her imagery; derived from sacred places, she frequently references archetypal symbols, Oriental art and Eastern ideologies. Recurring themes in her work reflect on how the universality has a strong aesthetic appeal transcending space and time, language and culture.

A large lunar abacus takes centre stage. A familiar childhood object used for counting now holds hand blown glass moons positioned to mark the lunar phases of 2017. Casting it’s own shadow and reflection in the mirror moon it exists beyond it’s framework; as the audience orbit the space they can’t help but interact and engage.

Accompanied by a series of prints made from solar plates there is an emphasis on the comfort in the cadence and repetition of ongoing cycles that both anchor and elude us.

Neil Bousfield & Nik Pollard – Coast

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Coast explores two artists response to the changing British Coastline and surrounding wetlands.

Neil Bousfield’s Home and Place and Walcott woodcut series reflect on notions of temporality, loss, and fragility. The prints begin to map and record the impact of the process of coastal erosion, storms, sea surges and rising sea levels on Walcott as a place. The delicate marks and pallet used act to unravel a narrative that explores a changing landscape and community.

Nik Pollards Wallasea drawings explore the relationship between landscape and nature. In 2015/16 Pollard was invited by the RSPB to help record the Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project though drawing and painting on site. The RSPB reserve in Essex is an ambitious project in which ancient wetland landscape is being recreated using, amongst other things, 4.5 million tonnes of spoil from the London Crossrail. It is part of a plan to combat flooding, the effects of climate change and to replace lost natural habitat. Saltmarsh, mudflats, lagoons and pasture are being established through major earthworks – the biggest conservation and engineering project of its type in Europe.

The energetic drawings are the result of two visits made to the site and reflect Pollards fascination for the contrast between the site under construction and its development as flora and fauna beginning to take hold.

London Art Fair 2018

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RABLEY GALLERY is thrilled to be returning to the London Art fair this January; exhibiting drawings, works on paper, contemporary fine art prints and editioned multiples. This year, for the first time we will be exhibiting works by Peter Randall Page RA. Alongside established and emerging artists including; Eileen Cooper RA, Rebecca Salter RA, Emma Stibbon RA, Jane Harris, Sara Lee, Katherine Jones, Susan Preston, Nana Shiomi and Sadie Tierney. 3D artists and ceramicists include Jo Taylor and Nicholas Lees, both with a strong drawn sensibility underpinning their works.

Each year, as part of the Gallery and Rabley Drawing Centre’s programme we invite artists to work in the Rabley studios. In 2017 the night and the sky loom in the themes of these special works on paper. Eileen Cooper’s new Luna series poetically combine figures and flowers in conversation of love. Large colourful woodcuts by Sadie Tierney RCA ‘Norge San Draumr’ will cut an impressive view into a nocturnal sky. Delicate works on paper Katherine Jones look to the clouds, this small cumulus works have accumulated on the preceding wind of the artists solo exhibition opening in Spring 2018. Ceramicist Nicholas Lees will present a light box of forms with the light shimmering at the lathed edges of his porcelain. Rabley Gallery has commissioned Jo Taylor to make a limited edition of 50 porcelain ‘Unomi’ bowls to accompany a new series of of ‘Tea Bowls’ woodcuts by Japanese artist Nana Shiomi.


Paper Exhibition Now Open!


In June this year, Swindon’s impressive collection of Modern British Art received a significant addition with an anonymous donation of fifty works of prints, paintings and drawings, in appreciation of Meryl Ainslie’s services to the Arts.

The works were given to the Museum and Art Gallery to enhance the already established collection and as an expression of support for the continued work towards a proposed new Museum and Art Gallery for Swindon.

A selection of the works were on display in ‘The Lie of the Land’ exhibition which closed on Saturday 18 November, and now a large selection of the remaining gifts will be displayed in ‘Paper: Drawings, prints and works on paper from the Swindon Collection’, an exhibition which opens on Wednesday 29 November and runs through till Saturday 14 April.

The exhibition features some fascinating examples of modern art. It includes drawings, watercolours and prints by modern and contemporary artists and demonstrates the huge range of effects that can be created using paper and imagination.

Works featured include those by Allen Jones, Nicholas Monro, Michael Ayrton, Basil Beattie and Katherine Jones. These are displayed alongside prints by Joe Tilson, Eduardo Paolozzi and Cecil Collins, and drawings by George Clausen, Gwen John and Michael Craig-Martin.


Artmas Exhibition at Rabley Gallery

15 – 22 DECEMBER 2017

Artmas will feature a beautiful collection of paintings, works on paper, prints, ceramics and jewellery from your favourite Rabley artists.


Christmas Opening Hours
Fri 15 Dec                 10 – 8
Sat 16 Dec                 10 – 4
Sun 17 Dec               (Closed)
Mon 18 Dec              10 – 4
Tues 19 Dec              10 – 4
Wed 20 Dec              (Closed)
Thurs 21 Dec            10 – 4
Fri 22 Dec                 10 – 4


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RABLEY GALLERY is exhibiting a collectible selection of newly published editions and original works on paper by foremost British artists including: Eileen Cooper RA, Rebecca Salter RA, Emma Stibbon RA, Jane Harris, Katherine Jones and Nana Shiomi and emerging talent: Prudence Ainslie, Amy-Jane Blackhall, Neil Bousfield, Sally Taylor and Sadie Tierney.

An electric magic radiates from SADIE TIERNEY’s newly published woodcuts ‘Of Night and Light and the Half-light’. Through a unique use of energetic bold line, bright colour and immersive scale, Tierney transfers her experiences and emotions onto the viewer. Inspired by passing ships and fairground lights that punctuate the twilight, these new works capture the excitement of riding the Big Dipper in Santa Cruz, to voyaging across the Atlantic. Tierney sees the Cruise Ships depart from her south coast studio.
This stunning body of work is unforgettable both in its vibrancy of mark making; enrichment of subject matter and technical marvel of monumental scale.

New original prints by Emma Stibbon RA echo the vast, desolate lands encountered during her recent residency in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. Developed from direct sketches and photographic records, Stibbon brings to paper the dry, stark intensity experienced at the cusp of some of the world’s biggest and most active Volcanoes. Internationally recognized for depicting fluxing climates of isolated regions, Broken Terrain and Tree Ka’u Dessert convey the tension within a limbo terrestrial, balancing stillness and beauty with eruption and destruction.

Near 100 years before the abstract art movement of America and Europe, Hokusai abstracted Waterfalls into linear forms. They are powerful graphic calibrations of great force; each waterfall captures a different mercurial spirit. It is these ‘Shapes of Gods’ that are the subject of Shiomi’s cycle of four woodcuts.
Shiomi distils Hokusai’s Waterfalls into stand alone icons, emphasising their symbolic importance to art history and the eternal relevance of their beauty and symbolism.

RABLEY GALLERY UK is a recently elected member of the IFPDA. It has become a destination during Miami Art Week for numerous public and commercial foundations, alongside private collectors seeking to build their prestigious, international print and works on paper collections or unearthing new and exciting talent from across the pond!

STAND 161, Suites of the Dorchester Collins Ave and 19th Street Miami Beach, FL 33139

Please email for further information.