SALISBURY OPEN EXHIBITION Exhibitors Will Rounce: lecturer at Swindon College of Art and Helen Cole – BA Fine Art Y3 visited Rabley Drawing Centre today to give engaging accounts of their sketchbook practice to an open debate for the art college. Will’s drawing video is being screened at Salisbury Art Centre alongside his installation drawing. Helen’s sketchbook in Sketch2013 is a response to the work ‘4 days’ reviewed earlier. It is great to find Wiltshire at the heart of such a vibrant drawing debate. Thanks also to artist Andy Pedlar for his contribution.


I was delighted to be invited to be part of the selection panel for the Salisbury Open exhibition, this year focusing on Drawing.

The exhibition opened last night at Salisbury Art Centre and the selected drawings offer more that even I could have hoped!

We get more with drawing; the echoes of an idea made concrete, lines and marks giving form to memory, experience, and imaginings….

As the ice melted on Helen Coles ‘4 days’ we witnessed a new ‘drawn’ space, each moment unique.


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