SALISBURY OPEN EXHIBITION Exhibitors Will Rounce: lecturer at Swindon College of Art and Helen Cole – BA Fine Art Y3 visited Rabley Drawing Centre today to give engaging accounts of their sketchbook practice to an open debate for the art college. Will’s drawing video is being screened at Salisbury Art Centre alongside his installation drawing. Helen’s sketchbook in Sketch2013 is a response to the work ‘4 days’ reviewed earlier. It is great to find Wiltshire at the heart of such a vibrant drawing debate. Thanks also to artist Andy Pedlar for his contribution.


I was delighted to be invited to be part of the selection panel for the Salisbury Open exhibition, this year focusing on Drawing.

The exhibition opened last night at Salisbury Art Centre and the selected drawings offer more that even I could have hoped!

We get more with drawing; the echoes of an idea made concrete, lines and marks giving form to memory, experience, and imaginings….

As the ice melted on Helen Coles ‘4 days’ we witnessed a new ‘drawn’ space, each moment unique.


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Sara Lee – Landscape & Colour 2013

Array of pastels

Rabley Artist in ResidenceSara Lee, ran her second course of the year at Rabley last week.  The brilliant, sunny weather meant students were able to fully explore the surrounding landscape at Rabley through colour and the medium of pastel.

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Nik Pollard – Drawn to Nature Course 2013

Nik Pollard came to Rabley to run a 3 day ‘Drawn To Nature’ course last Friday. The sun may not have shined throughout, but this didn’t deter the students from immersing themselves in the surrounding rural, Rabley landscape. After donning their sun hats, or in some instances raincoats, Nik guided everyone through the various local flora and fauna.

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Jerwood Drawing Prize 2013 Call for Entries

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2013 Call for Entries

Another great artist’s opportunity for all of you that draw!

Register by 17 June

Call for Entries

Call for Entries


Emma Stibbon RA – Drawn to Landscape Course Review


This gallery contains 14 photos. Landscape drawing and monoprint course with Emma Stibbon RA The weather may not have been ideal, but this didn’t stop 9 students immersing themselves in the dramatic open spaces of the Wiltshire downs, armed with huge boards and jars … Continue reading

Sandy Sykes – Drawn to Ideas


This gallery contains 18 photos.  Sketchbooks, drawing and off-press printmaking with artist Sandy Sykes at Rabley Drawing Centre. In the closing week of her solo exhibition ‘The Flying Itself’ at the Rabley Contemporary Gallery, Sandy took students on a journey of self-discovery through pages of … Continue reading

Emma Stibbon Loss, Landscape and Goodbye..

Loss, Landscape and Goodbye HMS Protector final blog..

As we depart from the Peninsula and the last small growler if ice disappears on the horizon I am struck by a sense of loss, I realise I am unlikely to have the opportunity to return to this remarkable landscape. The Peninsula coastline is astoundingly beautiful and perplexing. In visiting such a remote place I become acutely aware that this is a climate that can’t sustain human life. One has the sense of being overwhelmed by nature, an awareness that we are just a species like any other. Apparently the last pristine wilderness this is an environment that profoundly influences the planet’s oceans and climate.

22. Ship sunsetThanks

My thanks to Scott Polar Research Institute for selecting me for the Antarctica Artist Placement 2013, and Bonhams for their sponsorhip. A big thank you to HMS Protector and the ship’s company for making me so welcome me onboard.

These blogs have not been posted in real time due to the remote location.

Emma Stibbon will be exhibiting at Rabley Contemporary in November 2013 – so keep posted!

Emma Stibbon Extraordinary icebergs from glacial ice


E icebergs from glacial ice. HMS Protector Blog 6 The extraordinary icebergs that we pass originate from glacial ice. These freshwater, large masses of floating ice are calved from glacier tongues or from ice shelves derived from land ice.  Berg … Continue reading

Sara Lee and Stoney Road Press

Our artist in residence Sara Lee has been working in Dublin with Stoney Road Press.

Sara Lee, ‘The Crossing’, woodblock and Intaglio Image size: 42 x 59.5cm, paper size: 58 x 72.5cm, edition of 40

She has completed two beautiful new woodblock and Intaglio prints ‘The Crossing’ and ‘Passage Through’  (each in Edition of 40) Continue reading

Emma Stibbon ‘Late Austral Summer in Antarctica’


This gallery contains 14 photos. Late austral summer in Antarctica. HMS Protector blog 5 The months of February and March are late austral summer in Antarctica, and as we head further south beyond the Antarctic Circle the light hours increase to over 18 hours … Continue reading