Fiona Robinson was Drawing Debussy on Radio 4’s Soul Music

Fiona Robinson RWA, ‘L’Après-midi d’un Faune’ 2016, Graphite, charcoal and mixed media, 56 x 76cm

Fiona Robinson is an artist, writer and curator who has collaborated with Rabley Drawing Centre for many years. It was such a treat to listen to her on Radio 4 yesterday (Wednesday 18th April) talking about her work in relation to the composer Claude Debussy.

Fiona joined a poet, composer, biographer and a mother to talk about the profound impact that Debussy’s L’Après midi d’un Faune has had on them.

The show ‘Soul Music’ first aired on Wednesday 18 April 2018 at 9am on BBC Radio 4

View it on the Radio 4 Website – You can listen now for a limited time. Click here

‘Fiona Robinson’s work is increasingly informed by music. Using the language of drawing she creates an equivalent of, a transcription of, music. It is not a system of notation, not an alternative to a musical score to be reinterpreted, it is a response to the sound.’

‘Robinson’s drawings present a communication between composer and artist, a conversation between two practitioners, through the languages they use to express their ideas. This is where the music and the drawing connect.’

In the forthcoming exhibition ‘SONOGRAPHIE’ at Centro Internazionale d’Arte di Palazzo te, Mantua 21 June – 9 September 2018 Fiona’s Debussy drawings will be projected onto large screens while Debussy music is played. The exhibition marks the centenary of Debussy’s death in 1918.

for more information about Fiona Robinson and her work visit her website:



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