Nik Pollard – Drawn to Nature course @ Rabley 2013

Artist Nik Pollard is coming to Rabley at the beginning of June to run his yearly course Drawn to Nature. His lucky students will get to immerse themselves in the surrounding Wiltshire landscape with their sketchbooks and get up close to all the flora and fauna on the farm. We have one place remaining on the course – Book now @…

Through Drawing, painting and printmaking Nik Pollard explores the inter-relation of landscape and nature. 

Prolonged direct observation of the Natural world is key to Nik Pollard’s artwork. From raw field sketches to more considered studio work, his aim is to interpret the richness in Nature that he has witnessed.

Spring woodland, Granham hill

His work has led to collaborations with schools, galleries and museums – teaching workshops and as a resident artist.

Nik is also a published writer and illustrator of children’s picture books and an elected member of the Society of Wildlife Artists. He exhibits widely and has taken part in a number of national and international art/conservation projects with the Artist’s for Nature Foundation. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1998 where he studied Natural History Illustration.

Find out what Nik has been up to…

Nik Pollard-meadow

“Over the past Month or so I’ve been looking at a small stretch of meadow that I been cultivating since Spring last year. The idea being that having such a rich subject matter close to my studio would increase the likely hood of making regular studies over the Summer months. Gradually I am identifying the plants as they reach maturity; Red Campion, Ox-Eye Daisy and Great Burnett to name a few. 

The intensity of daily observations is reaping rewards the shapes and structures are becoming familiar which is allowing a less conscious approach to picture making. The insect life up until now has been in fits and starts due to the fluctuating temperatures. Bee flies (a hover fly with a big hairy backside and long proboscis) are regular visitors, Brimstones have been franticly flying through in search of Buckthorn and the opposite sex, Orange Tip, Peacock, Comma and a Speckled Wood Butterflies delight with their presences whilst Swifts scream overhead. It’s starting to become an obsession, winter was far too long!”

See some of Nik’s  prints available from Rabley Contemporary Gallery…

Contact Meryl or Amy-Jane if you would like information about future courses: / 01672 511999

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